National Geographic, June 2018

“Plastics have made modern life possible.
But more than 40% of it is used just once
and its litter is drowning the planet."


PolyCycl is focused on addressing one of the biggest pain points in field of
waste management – the challenge of recycling hard-to-recycle waste plastics.

Working across 150+ man-years of R&D, the company has developed novel
technology solutions for advanced recycling and purification of landfill waste

These solutions focus on two approaches. The first approach involves
conversion of low-grade, mixed polyolefin plastics to hydrocarbon feedstocks
that are approved for manufacturing of new monomers and virgin plastics. The
second approach focuses on upcycling hard-to-recycle plastics using solvent
dissolution methods to recover purified resin.

PolyCycl is a for-purpose company, with passion and tenacity being our core
driving principles. Our aim is to build and deliver economically attractive
recycling solutions that leverage sound economics to drive environmental
impact and change.

Flagship technology

Patented fully continuous technology for conversion of polyolefin plastics to circular feedstocks.
Solvent based recycling of Tetrapak packaging for recovery of Poly-ethylene and Aluminium.
Recovery of purified polyolefins and PET from flexible Multi Laminate Packaging.
Solvent based recycling of post-consumer PET to recover purified and de-contaminated resin.
Solvent based recycling of post-consumer PE to recover purified and de-contaminated resin.

Plastic-to-Plastic Circular Economy

PolyCycl’s flagship technology enables a closed loop for plastic-to-plastic recycling. The company is today one of handful organizations globally that has developed a patented, fully-continuous process for direct conversion of landfill plastics to petrochemical feedstock and blendstock oils.

The fully-continuous architecture offers ease of scale and replication, with a potential to establish large capacity plants using cost-effective modular lines.

Purification of Plastics

PolyCycl is developing technologies for up-cycling of different kinds of post-consumer waste plastics such as TetraPak packaging, flexible Multi Layered Packaging and coloured PET and PE.

These technologies focus on building advancements in delamination, de-inking and solvent based purification methods, with a goal to recover upcycled polymers that are largely free of inks, pigments, odorants and other contamination.